How does SharedHere work?

Snapshots instead of Links

We save and share snapshots of a page which are archived forever on SharedHere. So you get the content directly without paywalls or login walls. Unlike Reddit, for which links can die due to neglect, content on SharedHere is frozen in time and saved forever.

Follow people, instead of communities

Like YouTube, anyone can start a channel on SharedHere. You can create more than one channel, each for a different type of content. Channel subscription means follow your favorite personalities (and their content) instead of subscribing to a specific community.

Private Threads means no one can censor your channel

Whatsapp allows you to share content privately with your friend, one-to-one.
SharedHere allows you to share content private with your community, one-to-many.
We employ end-to-end encryption so no one except yourself and your community can view the content on SharedHere. Not the police, not the staff at SharedHere, not your ISP.

One channel goes down; three new one pop up

As channels grow, so is the risk that your channel might have accidentally invited a rogue subscriber who did not like what you are sharing with your private group. SharedHere abides strictly with legal authorities and DMCA takedown filings. So if a report comes our way, we will delete a user and their corresponding users.
As a subscriber, the content that you downloaded is always stored on your device instead of our servers. So when your favorite channel is taken down, you can start a new one with the history of the previous channel. Nothing is lost.

What about the kids?

SharedHere is not a haven for piracy, terrorists, peddlers of child pornography, or anything illegal. We will build in client-side filters that can read the screen and alert the authorities automatically if the content that is shared matches anything illegal.

Everything is SharedHere

With SharedHere, we promise to deliver a private space for content sharing. Space by which you will feel at home with people like you.